The Parish


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Character and Location

Bodenham is in Herefordshire (and is not to be confused with a village of the same name in Wiltshire). It is a mainly rural Parish of some 2,139 hectares centred about 9 miles North of Hereford and 8 miles South of Leominster.

The River Lugg flows from North to South through the Parish on its way to the Wye and the two main centres of population in the Parish lie on either side of it. To the West is the original village of Bodenham, which is a conservation area and contains the church and primary school, while to the East is the rather larger and more recent residential area of Bodenham Moor with the Chapel, the Parish Hall, the Post Office, the GP Surgery, a number of local businesses and other amenities.

Data from the 2011 Census is not yet available. However, as at the 2001 Census the age structure of the Parish was: <16 132 (12.9%); 16-30 100 (9.8%); 30-44 179 (17.5%); 45-64 364 (35.5%); >65 249 (24.3%) and this is likely to be little changed now. In 2001 the Parish had a total of 448 households, of which some 85% were classified as ‘owner occupied’, 6% ‘social rented’ and about 9% were ‘tied’ or rented from private or agency landlords. There are only a dozen employers in the Parish, so of the 484 people in employment in 2001 only 20% worked from home and a majority (72%) travelled to work by car or van.


Road access to Bodenham is excellent. The A49, which runs just outside the West boundary of the Parish, brings traffic to it from the North and the South, while the A417 provides the main route into the Parish from the East and South-East.

Bus travellers have a good service to and from Hereford and Leominster. For more details, please follow this link:

For rail travellers Hereford Station provides the main arrival and departure point and serves travellers from the South (Newport, Wales and London), the East (Worcester, Birmingham and the Midlands) and the North (Shrewsbury, Manchester and the North). In addition, there are stations at Leominster and Ledbury which provide subsidiary access points.

The nearest international airport is Birmingham, about 1.5 hours drive away, or London Heathrow which is about 2.5 hours drive.

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