Letter from the Vicar – September

Rector writes…

Dear Friends,
In recent years September and early October have been kept by the Church as “Creationtide.” It is originally an Eastern Orthodox initiative, running from the Orthodox New Year on 1st September until St Francis Day on 4th October. Believing we share a common role as stewards of God’s creation, the Christian family unites for a celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home. I think many of us now recognise that our wellbeing is interwoven with the wellbeing of our planet and an opportunity to reflect, pray and act on climate change is our impact upon our environment seems more important now than ever.

Our church services in September and October will reflect this theme, and will conclude with our harvest festival service in October (watch this space for more information!).

This theme of being interwoven is important too when we think about our local community. Over the past 18 months many of our usual activities have been curtailed. Our Village Fete last month was one wonderful example of the reweaving of our community back together our community and there will be more opportunities over the coming months. It would certainly be wonderful to see you at our Harvest Festival and Supper on 3rd October at 6pm – an opportunity to celebrate the creation and our community in one event, as well as supporting the Leominster Food Bank.

The impacts of climate change are something we have first-hand experience of at Michael’s Church, having the river Lugg as an unwelcome guest inside the building. Over the autumn we will be undertaking work to make the building more resilient to flooding, but will also begin to think about different ways in which the building can be used to welcome more of our community in. Please do look out for more information on community consultations we will be running.

In the meantime, may the Creator God bless you and yours this September.